Dryve Product Line - Nano Coating for Car Paint, Glass & Wheels

The Dryve technology explained!

This nanoprotech nano coating for exterior car treatment is a unique formula that develops a ultra-thin protective layer on surface after 30-45 minutes, this layer of nano alloys is easily applied in minutes and contains the following properties:

  • - Hydrophobic & hydrophilic ( less spotting. )
  • - Anti-static, less build-up of dust, dirt and air pollution
  • - Anti-stick properties
  • - High gloss & filling of micro scratches
  • - Smooth finish
  • - Easy2clean
  • - Long durability

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This combination of properties in the Nano layer is known to produce the highest self-cleaning effects! Furthermore Applying the Dryve car coating brightens paint colour and makes the surface smooth and glossy with a durability of months!


This product seals the brand new look and effectively protects against all rain spots, dust build-up stains and mud. Lastly applied on the car glass it improves your visibility & safety, in heavy rainfall it simply allows you to see through rain drops and no wiper is needed! Your car will stay cleaner for longer and washing is easily done even with just water! Save time and money and start using this product now.


20-30ml / car – 1 bottle is good for 10 total treatments!



up to 1 year (recommended re-application 3-6 months).


Shelf life:

2 years day from order.

Dryve products

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Eco Friendly products!Nanex waterproof spray products are developed in the most eco friendly way possible. The surface modification is harmless and food safe. All our solutions are registered according the REACH organisation Europe and are officially listed.

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