Always Dry Product Line

Always Dry is a Nanex product line based on nanotechnology providing a high quality hydrophobic protection to a variety of surfaces, including textiles, leathers, wood or stone. Always Dry actively offers protection to all absorbent surfaces against dirt and liquids of any kind.


The protective coating of this super hydrophobic product is created by the Nano polymers in the formula which bond to any absorbent surface on a molecular level and form a waterproof protection layer invisible to the naked eye. All liquid substances are prevented from adhering to the treated surface, they simply form a droplet and roll off.


Two Always Dry formulas were developed specifically for the protection of textiles and leathers one water based and one solvent based. Our third formula, specially designed for the application on wood and stone, contains special nano-scale elements providing extra protection for outdoor use and preventing the development of mold, bacteria or algae on the surface of all wood and stone applications outdoors.


It is easy to use and can be applied in different ways. According to the size of the surface to be treated, it can be applied with a simple brush, a roller, or a spray gun. The coating develops its full protection capacity after about 24 hrs. All our Always Dry products are safe, environmentally responsible, and non-flammable when dry. They don’t leave any residues, are 100% invisible, odorless and maintain the texture of the treated surface.


Textiles & Leathers

Always Dry textile and leather is a solvent based formula and is created specifically for the protection of all textile, leather and suede articles including but not limited to clothes, shoes, bags, sportswear and outdoor equipment.


It forms an invisible protective coating on the material up to the level of the individual fiberpreventing the infiltration of liquids, such as red wine, into the fibers and as such inhibiting the formation of stubborn stains. Fluids entering in contact with the treated article are easily removed with a moist cloth and will not cause any damage to the article. The protection of the treated material lasts for 18 months to 2 years.


The coating offers the following advantages:

  • - instant and long lasting protection (up to 18 months)
  • - no alteration of the color, texture or breathability of the treated material
  • - safe and easy to apply
  • - the high penetration capacity provides protection even below the surface
  • - any article maintains its new look for a long time
  • - time and frequency of cleaning are significantly reduced
  • - protection against UV radiation preventing any change of color of the material
  • - the maintenance of the surface requires less detergents or cleaning agents
  • - protection against acid rain and pollution



* super hydrophobic properties are partially depended on the surface / fiber structure, due a wide network of fibres super hydrophobic properties will be attained. On leathers no super hydrophobic effect will occur due the close network of the material. although the water protection rate is the same. Always dry is highly recommended use for protecting: shoe's, gloves, jackets, bags and leathers


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coating on textile

Water Based for Textiles

For the coating of very absorbent textile surfaces such as carpets, floor mats, furniture and other absorbent textiles we developed an adapted water based formula. This product is less sensitive to detergent and therefore recommended for materials or tissues which are frequently cleaned or exposed to chemical cleaning agents. In general the protection will resist to at least 20 washing cycles.


The high resistance of the product to chemical detergents makes this formula perfect for the use in areas of the service industry where cleaning and protection of fabrics (furniture, bedlinen, towels) is of great importance.


"Water Based for Textiles" is only supplied in bulk to registered businesses


Always Dry Textile and Leather products are rated 4.8/5 based on 113 reviews

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