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Always Dry is a Nanex Water Repellent Spray product line based on nanotechnology providing a high quality hydrophobic protection to a variety of surfaces, including textiles, leathers, wood or stone. Always Dry actively offers an ultra-ever dry and rustoleum neverwet spray protection to all absorbent surfaces against dirt and liquids of any kind.


The protective coating of this super hydrophobic product is created by the Nano polymers in the formula which bond to any absorbent surface on a molecular level and form a water repellent layer invisible to the naked eye. All liquid substances are prevented from adhering to the treated surface, they simply form a droplet and roll off. 

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Textile and Leather

rustoleum neverwet dry textile and leather

Wood and Stone

rustoleum neverwet always dry wood and stone


The coating offers the following advantages:

  • - instant and long lasting ultra-ever dry protection (up to 18 months)
  • - no alteration of the color, texture or breathability of the treated material
  • - safe and easy to apply
  • - the high penetration capacity provides protection even below the surface that never gets wet.
  • - any article maintains its new look for a long time
  • - time and frequency of cleaning are significantly reduced
  • - protection against UV radiation preventing any change of color of the material
  • - the maintenance of the surface requires less detergents or cleaning agents
  • - protection against acid rain and pollution with ultra dry properties
 * Note: apply the ultra-ever dry spray to a small piece to evaluate the result first, there are lots of different substrates and new materials being produced everyday, therefore we cannot guarantee the same ultra dry properties on all materials


rustoleum neverwet ultra-ever dry sprays

Always Ultra Dry Spray Uses & Review

Always Dry LLC is a multi-surface water repellent treatment and is being marketed as a revolutionary ultra dry spray product. While there are many products which claim to be water repellent, few of them offer the water repellency which is expected from such products. Many people tried this innovative rustoleum neverwet spray product of ours and followed the instructions which stated that consumer should wait few minutes after applying this never wet spray. After waiting for few minutes when they poured liquid and other stuff on the surface, the liquid literally shot off. They claimed that this was the best product which they have ever used and had never used a product which offers such level of hydrophobicity.

The process of applying this product is divided into two steps: first, the surface on which it is to be applied has to be cleaned from the dirt and other impurities. Then the base coat is applied and left to be dried for around 30 minutes. The purpose of applying a base coat is to prepare the surface for the secondary coats and forms a micro surface. The second coat is applied after the base coat is applied. Although the item on which the ultra-ever dry6 spray coat is applied can be exposed to water just half an hour after the top coat is applied, Always dry requires a half day to fully ensure the surface protection.

If you are using Always "Ultra-ever dry" Sprays, here are some of the points you have to bear in mind by which you can get the most out of it:

•    This product has to be developed further to increase the longevity of the coating with its ultra-dry layer. The coating which is applied is not a permanent solution which means the coating wears off after a certain amount of time depending on the liquid contact and the environmental conditions. When you notice that the object starting to lose it repellency power, you can use it again to increase its hydrophobicity.

•    When it is applied, it leaves a whitish mark on the surface. So it is recommended to check the surface before using it. It means that you should not use it on transparent surfaces like mirrors and glasses. However, it can be applied on the objects like shoes or some fabrics and textiles.

•    Always Dry LLC Spray's set of instruction tell you never to put it on any electronic device. However, in case you want to try it on any of the portable electronic devices, do it at your own risk.
rustoleum neverwet ultra-ever dry sprays
•    This product will change the appearance of the item a little bit after it is applied to a little chalky texture which is explained above.
•    If you want to apply it to any fabric, use it on any rough piece of cloth to test the claims.

•    It is not recommended to use this like paint but like a spray instead. This is because too much of it will change the color of the item to which it is applied.

•    If you want to remove Always Dry water repellent Spray, it can be done with the help of any ordinary detergent. The base coat can be removed from some of the fabrics but on other items like cotton, it becomes difficult for it to be removed. So discretion must be taken while applying on certain fabrics.

So, if you have decided to protect your fabrics, leathers, and other items from the effects of moisture and other environmental effects, we would strongly recommend you to try our Ultra Dry spray series 'Always Dry'.

Always Dry products are rated 4.8/5 based on 117 reviews

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