Always Dry Product Line


Always Dry is a Nanex product line based on nanotechnology providing a high quality hydrophobic protection to a variety of surfaces, including textiles, leathers, wood or stone. Always Dry actively offers protection to all absorbent surfaces against dirt and liquids of any kind.


The protective coating of this super hydrophobic product is created by the Nano polymers in the formula which bond to any absorbent surface on a molecular level and form a waterproof protection layer invisible to the naked eye. All liquid substances are prevented from adhering to the treated surface, they simply form a droplet and roll off. 

Choose application

Textile and Leather

collage always dry textile and leather

Wood and Stone

collage always dry wood and stone


The coating offers the following advantages:

  • - instant and long lasting protection (up to 18 months)
  • - no alteration of the color, texture or breathability of the treated material
  • - safe and easy to apply
  • - the high penetration capacity provides protection even below the surface
  • - any article maintains its new look for a long time
  • - time and frequency of cleaning are significantly reduced
  • - protection against UV radiation preventing any change of color of the material
  • - the maintenance of the surface requires less detergents or cleaning agents
  • - protection against acid rain and pollution
 * Note: apply the coating to a small piece to evaluate the result first, there are lots of different substrates and new materials being produced everyday, therefore we cannot guarantee the same properties on all materials


Always Dry products are rated 4.8/5 based on 117 reviews

Eco Friendly products!Nanex waterproof spray products are developed in the most eco friendly way possible. The surface modification is harmless and food safe. All our solutions are registered according the REACH organisation Europe and are officially listed.

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